The Comfortable Kickboard

Ray-Board™ is the Most COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC SUPPORTIVE Kickboard You Can Buy. Period.

Flat kickboards force your arms, shoulders and neck into a highly uncomfortable position. Maintaining this position lap after lap is hard (and painful) for many swimmers. Flat kickboards create poor body alignment and head position, which encourages bad swimming form.

Ray-Board’s shape allows your arms, shoulders and neck to take a more natural posture, with your elbows bent and directly supported.  The lower elbow position allows your hips and legs to achieve a more favorable alignment, and you can position your head in or out of the water to suit your training objective.

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Competitive Swimmers

Long hours in the pool place large demands on your shoulders. Give them a break while you kick.


Have you been cheating on your swim workouts because you don’t like using a kickboard? Maximize your pool time with Ray-Board.

Water Fitness

Mix up your swim exercise routine by working your leg muscles. Ray-Board makes kicking drill comfortable and fun.

What are Swimmers Saying?

This is one of those products that you find on KICKSTARTER and say “where have you been all my life?” If works so well. I saw it and had to try it out. I now take it with me every time I have a swim session. The first time I tried it I was hooked.

I used to hate using a kickboard, so I neglected my board during training. But with Ray-Board, I now made kicking part of every workout, which has done wonders for my endurance.

I usually feel pinching between my shoulder blades with I use a kickboard.  With this board, the pain immediately went away.

Kick sets are always a big part of our workouts so I consistently had pain in my shoulders after practice.  When I trained on my own, I tried to avoid using a kickboard. But Ray-Board has allowed me to comfortably work on kicking, which I believe has helped my overall speed and form.

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