We love hearing from the thousands of swimmers who are using Ray-Board to kick in comfort. Here are some of our favorites, discussing how Ray-Board has helped with their pain.

“Love the Ray Board — I use it for a total leg work out and have devised my own side stroke, back stroke, back stroke with arms, front stroke plank, and regular front stroke — I have a right hip issue — and since I started using this summer (3x week minimum for about one hour) I have lost 10 pounds – strengthened my abs – lost major inches — and most importantly am strengthening my hip and getting a good range of motion back. Highly recommend and so thankful my husband found the Ray Board online – it is so much better than a regular kick board!”

“The Ray-Board oscillates, which creates no strain what-so-ever to my totally replaced right shoulder and fragile lower neck area, due to a fusion of my 5-6-7 vertebrae’s. I can repeat laps several times in a row, so my flutter kick is greatly improving while building up my leg muscles. Thank you for creating this new kick board.”

“Great board!!! I have neck problems, and this board lets me have a comfortable position in the water. I’m also a beginner swimmer with asthma, who is not so comfortable with my breathing technique. The design allows me to practice on my breathing while I hold the board comfortably, and not look so much like a drowning cat. Thank you!”

“Having undergone rotator cuff surgery last year plus suffering from osteoarthritis I started avoiding swimming because of the stress on my joints. Swimming is once again enjoyable with the Ray-Board… Thank you!”

“I’ve only been able to use the ray-board once since I received it, I suffered from a bad cold virus. Anyway the time I used it I could do so many more laps with it than regular boards because of the comfort level. My shoulders were not hurting for the first time in 40 years, thank you!!”

“So comfortable and ergonomic. Really helps me with form in the pool, especially head and neck alignment. With the Ray-Board and a pair of fins, I can still get a great workout when my shoulder is acting up.”

“I love my Ray Board. I have issues with my wrist and with the Ray Board my weight is distributed through my forearms unlike traditional boards.”

“I use it exactly the way you suggested . Truly no other better way, because it offers greater support . I had a snow skiing accident in the early 90’s and injured my right shoulder & back . This has truly helped me swim for my therapeutic exercise ! Thank you !”

“I was a very strong swimmer until I developed lymphedema. I carry about an extra 20 pounds in lymphatic fluid which has destroyed the buoyancy I used to enjoy. So just stopped swimming for about four years now. I can use this kickboard in many different ways, even allowing me to put it under my back and work on my backstroke. For your average swim team workout it is maybe not what one wants. But for adaptive needs, especially I would think in physical therapy, it offers as many ways to use it as you have time to figure out. It was worth the money to me and I am enjoying it.”

“I have become addicted to open water swimming and sustained a shoulder injury about 6 weeks ago. At first I took two weeks off until I realized that I couldn’t stay out of the water waiting for my shoulder to heal. So I ordered this board and it has served me really well. The usual front position takes a lot of strain off my shoulders, but the bonus is using it while on my back. The concave underside of the board provides a perfect headrest while I am frog-kicking!”

“Love this produce! It does what the maker says. It is very comfortable to use both with on front and back kicking. The pressure on the neck and shoulders is indeed relieved compared to a traditional board. Also with the proper alignment in the upper body the lower back strain is relieved. I am really at a loss that one of the reviews was so negative about it’s use. It is easy to use and no need to really adapt to it. I works so well.”

“I use a kickboard in the pool to help rehab my knees. It is a pain free way to strengthen my legs after two knee replacements. However, after about 15 minutes with a regular kickboard, the pain in my upper back and neck was too much to continue. I used my new Ray Board recently and went 45 minutes without any back or neck discomfort. As Advertised!”

“If you have sore shoulders this is for you! I am a 60 year old woman with shoulders that “pop” sometimes. This board is perfect for me, completely takes the stress off my shoulders so I am able to exercise in my pool!”

“I had both rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. This board got me back in the pool without pain. Love it!”

“I got the ray board for pool swimming, I have a torn tendon in my arm and want to still workout. This kickboard is awesome!! I can hold it many different ways and do different swim strokes. It also drys right away when out of water. Definitely recommend.”

“After trying many different boards that gave me neck and shoulder pain, I found out about Ray-Board! This is the most comfortable, sturdy and supportive board ever! On top of its amazingness, it also has an amazing invention story. Instead of giving money to huge corporations, you can support Norah who invented this as part of a school project! Full disclaimer, this is a big board that likely wont fit your bag, but it has a great handle and is super lightweight and easy to carry around. Its soooo worth it!”