Backstroke kicking and other new and creative ways to use your kickboard

Ray-Board is a unique kickboard with a few hidden uses you might want to give a try

Are you a swimmer wanting to switch up your routine in the pool while still reaching your fitness or leisurely goals? Are you tired of your standard flat and unsupportive kickboard? Ray-Board, an ergonomically designed kickboard can provide invaluable assistance in giving you that extra boost when developing your swim skills. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways you can use your Ray-Board effectively during your training sessions, water therapy, or everyday recreation. With Ray-Board’s multifaceted design, you can find something that works with your individual needs and preferences, allowing you to get the most out of every pool session. Whether you’re an elite swimmer or backyard pool owner, familiarizing yourself with the versatility Ray-Board is essential to get the most out of your kickboard.

Traditional Training

Ray-Board is a great tool for resistance and strength training. Its triangular shape and downward slanting “wings” provide extra drag and resistance in the water to help you build strength in your core, legs, and lower back. Simultaneously, its ergonomic design allows you to maintain an optimal upper body posture in the water allowing you to train longer without pain. Thus you can increase your daily yardage.

By using Ray-Board as part of your traditional training regimen, you can improve your endurance and technique, benefiting your speed and helping you knock time off your 100 free. Overall, Ray-Board offers a comprehensive approach to improving one’s aquatic ability with great results.

backstroke kickboard

A Kickboard for Backstroke

For backstroke swimmers looking for added buoyancy during sets, Ray-Board is an ideal training tool. Simply turn it upside down and slide it under your waist or neck to get that added boost of support you need while you’re working on your backstroke kicking technique. Unlike standard kickboards, Ray-Board has wings that will extend towards the surface of the water on either side of your waist, guaranteeing the kickboard won’t slip out, with the main body support lower in the water. Not only will you be able to focus on perfecting your form and streamline, but this unique feature ensures a more rewarding and productive kick-set throughout your training sessions.

And if you’re not all that into kick sets, you can still use this added buoyancy when relaxing on your back in the water, whether in your backyard pool or lap pool.

Bring to your next Hydrotherapy Class

Hydrotherapy classes offer a great way to gain strength and improve flexibility, but having the right accessories can boost your results even further. Ray-Board is perfect for hydrotherapy enthusiasts who need additional stability in the water. It can be comfortably cradled against your waist or held in front of you so that you can maintain form, balance, and stability throughout your exercises and focus on recovery confidently without interruption. Investing in the Ray-Board could prove invaluable for hydrotherapy practitioners wanting to level up their aquatic experience!

Ditch the Pool Noodle

Looking for an upgrade to your backyard pool noodles and toys? Ray-Board can not only be used as a swim kickboard but also as a pool floaty! This simple yet sturdy piece of EPP foam is designed ergonomically so that it cradles your body when you hold it comfortably against your chest. Its increased buoyancy allows you to sit on the board with ease as well, making pool time all the more enjoyable! There’s no need to worry about pool noodles and toys growing mold or needing replacing every year – you can use this rigid piece of pool equipment for years to come.

Ray-Board is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to take it with you wherever the water takes you! Whether it’s pool parties, lake days, intense training sessions, or water therapy, the lightweight and buoyant board can be taken on any aquatic adventure and get you closer to your swimming goals.