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RayBoard Reviews – 2020

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Searching for the right kickboard? We’ve compiled RayBoard reviews from swimmers of all abilities.  We hope these comments can help you decide whether Ray-Board is the right kickboard for you. Visit the social media links for even more reviews.

By the way…. we don’t care whether you type RayBoard or Ray-Board or Ray Board, but sometimes the internet does care, so we’ve tried to include various styles throughout the page to help people find these reviews. 

RayBoard Reviews

Ray-Board reviews sent by satisfied customers:

Here is one from a former D1 swimmer and school record holder.

I use the RayBoard on a regular basis.  The first time using the RayBoard I noticed immediately how relaxed I felt in my shoulders, upper back and neck.  Using a traditional kick board would leave me fatigued, especially after long kick sets. The RayBoard is a well thought out design.  Never did I think there would be a better alternative to the traditional kick board until I used the RayBoard.

A masters swimmer from Connecticut

I used to hate using a kickboard, so I neglected my board during training. But with Ray-Board, I now made kicking part of every workout, which has done wonders for my endurance.

A masters swimmer from Connecticut

I usually feel pinching between my shoulder blades with I use a kickboard.  With this board, the pain immediately went away.

Neck pain from flat kickboard

A high school and club swimmer

Kick sets are always a big part of our workouts so I consistently had pain in my shoulders after practice.  When I trained on my own, I tried to avoid using a kickboard. But Ray-Board has allowed me to comfortably work on kicking, which I believe has helped my overall speed and form.


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Comments and Reviews from TikTok

School age swimmers are starting to learn about Ray-Board on TikTok.  Ray-Board explainer videos consistently receive 100,000+ views.

This product looks really good

This is so cool!  I want one.


I need thisss

Thank you so much.

OMG! I need this so badly! My whole team needs this.  No one else will understand the bad back and stomach pain.

That. Is. Such. A. Good. Idea.


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