Why Does This Kickboard Cost $35? It’s Totally Worth It!

Ray-Board™ Cost How Much?

You’re tired of using that cheap blue kickboard at the community pool and are ready to own one for yourself.  You’ve explored your options online, and maybe even borrowed one from the swimmer in the next lane over.  As you look at kickboard costs you see that most are about $15… except for Ray-Board™.  What’s going on? Why does this kickboard cost twice as much as other kickboards?  And more importantly, is it worth it?

Why most Kickboards cost $15?

Most kickboards are cut to shape from a large flat piece of foam. This inexpensive process allows manufactures to quickly make them by the thousands. Unfortunately, this process also requires a flat shape.  Some manufacturers will round the edges or add some small gripping features, but for the most part, they are all very flat.

This simple design also allows manufacturers to minimize shipping costs. Flat boards are easy to pack.  Even with the flat shape, shipping the product from the factory to the warehouse to your home can cost more than the kickboard itself.  Did your kickboard cost less than $15? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Why does Ray-Board Cost $35?

Ray-Board is designed to maximize comfort and performance. In designing it, we thought only about how to make the best kickboard.  The result is a unique design that couldn’t be manufactured the way flat kickboards are.  Ray-Board is injection molded, a process in which one board is made at a time.  This process is more expensive than simply cutting a kickboard from a piece of flat foam.  Also, because of its shape, Ray-Board is approximately twice as expensive to ship as flat kickboards.

Is it worth it?

At $35, Ray-Board is more expensive than other kickboards. So you have to ask yourself… is it worth it?  There are plenty of problems with flat kickboards.  They are uncomfortable, they can lead to injury, and they promote poor swim posture to name just a few.  With Ray-Board you overcome all of these problems.  You are able to kick longer and harder because your upper body is relaxed and more comfortable.  Your body is in the correct swimming position, so using Ray-Board will promote good body position habits.  When you train better, better race day performances will follow.

Kickboard Cost

Inexpensive Speed.

If you’re a competitive swimmer you’re likely spending $200+ on a race day tech suit. You may even pay for the premium googles because they make you look faster. If you’re a triathlete, think about how many hundreds of dollar you spend to cut a few grams from your bike.  How about the ever-increasing race fees, or that $400 replacement wet suit for the one you put your fingernail through last season.  Those costs are all aimed at making us better, more competitive athletes. So why wouldn’t you spend a few extra dollars to use the best kickboard on the market? It’s time to start kicking with Ray-Board.